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Bespoke Relieve – Pregnancy support belt (One size fits XS-L)

Bespoke Relieve – Pregnancy support belt (One size fits XS-L)


The Relieve is a high-level support brace designed to relieve you of your pregnancy related back pain. The Relieve belt provides compression through the sacro-iliac joint (SIJ) to offer further support and stability through your lower back and pelvis.

Include adjustable side wings enabling you to tailor the level of compression you would like on each side of your pelvis. Made of breathable fabric

This belt is perfect for helping to reduce lower back pain, glute pain and pelvic discomfort in both the pregnant population and beyond (yip – it’s even great for those of the general non-pregnant public suffering from lower back pain or SIJ pain).


Fit: firm fit
Support: moderate to maximal support
Material: nylon, polyester and neoprene
Size: wide size range due to adjustability. Suitable for a hip circumference from 85cm-110cm (if pregnant, take your hip measurement from underneath your bump).

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