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Pelvic Health & Women's health Physiotherapy

Here at Raglan Physiotherapy we have not one but two Pelvic Health Physiotherapists with experience in treating a variety of Pelvic health conditions. Tess is an Advanced Pelvic Health Physiotherapist who is also trained in Pessary fitting and management. 

Pelvic health Physiotherapy addresses the issues concerned around the pelvic region. This may also include pain or injury associated with the hip, groin or low back as these areas can have an impact on Pelvic health for both men and women.

Pelvic health can become an issue during and following pregnancy. We provide women with prenatal and postnatal assessment and treatment for a number of issues that may arise as a result of carrying and delivering a baby. This can include abdominal muscle separation, pelvic organ prolapse, low back, pelvic or leg pain, incontinence or voiding issues, perineal or pelvic floor tearing and weakness of the pelvic floor or other muscles in the region. We can help to reduce the pain or other symptoms that arise and can also provide you with a treatment plan to regain strength, fitness and confidence after having a baby in a safe and supportive environment. 

ACC are now covering injuries that occur during childbirth and delivery. We can lodge a maternal birth injury with ACC on your behalf and assist in your post partum recovery.

Hormones also play a major part in Pelvic health. Peri-menopause and Menopause can trigger a variety of uncomfortable symptoms including changes in your Pelvic health. We can assist women in managing these issues and make life just that little bit easier whilst the body is going through these hormonal changes.

Men also experience Pelvic health conditions which may include incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic floor weakness and issues post prostate cancer/prostatectomy. Our Physiotherapists are here to help with these issues.

We provide internal vaginal and rectal examinations in a safe and comfortable space if and when this may be required.


Areas of Pelvic health that we can assist with include:


Pelvic pain – female

Pelvic pain – male




Pelvic floor muscle weakness

Bladder issues

Bowel issues

Pelvic organ prolapse


​​Coccyx Pain & Coccydynia

Prostate surgery

Gynaecological surgery

Urinary incontinence

Faecal incontinence

Genital pain

Sexual issues

Pain with intercourse

Erectile dysfunction

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Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Many of our therapists have first-hand experience in pregnancy and all of our physiotherapists are experienced in the management of conditions that arise during and following pregnancy. This may include lumbo-pelvic issues, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and joint and tendon stresses.

We incorporate a variety of techniques which include Pilates-based exercise, craniosacral techniques, massage, exercise and bracing.

Our physiotherapists can prescribe specific exercises that work to strengthen the Pelvic floor, deep abdominal, hip and pelvic muscle slings which are under new and increased loads through pregnancy.  Maintaining good abdominal and pelvic floor control throughout pregnancy not only helps to relieve pain associated with pregnancy but helps to maintain spinal and pelvic stability which can facilitate a faster post natal recovery.

We will provide a thorough assessment both pre and post partum and provide you with advice and management strategies to reduce discomfort and ease the journey both prior and following the delivery of your pepi. We can provide you with safe exercises to assist with the changes which occur during pregnancy and accelerate the recovery following labour. We can also lodge any maternal birth injuries with ACC on your behalf.

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