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Operative Care

All of our Physiotherapists have worked with clients in the hospital and operative setting and have a vast knowledge of the operative procedures required for musculoskeletal injuries. In the community setting our Physiotherapists are well experienced in the care required both Pre and Post-operative for optimal preventative and therapeutic care. The aim is to prevent any post-surgical complications whilst also gaining maximal function in the least amount of time. Preparation for surgery is ideally commenced well before the operation.

This gives you the time to receive education about the surgery including what is involved and what you can expect following the procedure. Your Physiotherapist will teach you exercises to begin prior to the operation in addition to walking you through the programme following. These exercises will assist with the restoration of range of movement, muscle strength, balance, and function following the surgery. It is also advisable to know which walking aids and home aids e.g. shower chair you may need so you can be safely and well set up before your return home.

A graduated and supervised home exercise programme will enable a smooth recovery. If treatment is required for pain, stiffness, muscle spasm or joint swelling our physiotherapists are skilled at assessing and treating these problems and will seek external medical advice if and when necessary.

All musculoskeletal surgical procedures benefit from pre and post operative physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The more educated and prepared you are for surgery the better your recovery will be.

Post surgery Physiotherapy, Post surgery rehabilitation, Pre-habilitation
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