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It is clear that we are passionate about Pilates at the clinic. Our Physiotherapists are both Mat and Reformer certified and incorporate Pilates with many of our clients in their rehabilitation.


Pilates assists in achieving efficient dynamic movement and lengthening of the body through the development of whole body strength, joint stabilisation, breath control, body awareness and alignment. Pilates assists in improving posture, strength, joint alignment and flexibility along with reducing spinal and other bodily pain or discomfort.

It is a popular movement practice because it is effective, it is fun and it is a blimmin good workout!

Mat Pilates, flexibility, low back pain, neck pain, core strengthening, hip strength, arthritis,

Refomer Pilates

 Reformer-based Pilates rehabilitation is accessible to all clients including those who have ACC registered injuries. We offer a dedicated space in the clinic for physiotherapist-prescribed reformer based exercise.

The Reformer is an excellent apparatus for rehabilitation. It provides the support for movement when you require the support and challenges the muscular stability system as you become stronger. 

Reformer Pilates, Reformer Rehabilitation, Knee pain, Ankle instability, Low back pain, Rehabilitation

Mat Pilates

Looking to get down and moving with us...

Our team run Open-level Mat-based classes at The Space Raglan Yoga and Pilates studio every week. We also run surf-specific, male-only and beginner series so keep an eye out for these on the schedule. 

Check out for Mat class timetable

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